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Creative Projects

Testimonials from previous projects

On this page is a collection of testimonials from people I have previously worked with on their creative projects, including short stories, novels, poetry, and creative nonfiction. 

Contact me and we can discuss the current stage of your project and how I can best help you.

Client Testimonials

It is with great pleasure that we strongly recommend Elizabeth Mclvor for her talent and skills pertaining to the field of literature.

Throughout our time together at the publishing house, Elizabeth has shown great analytical and research skills, a great talent for writing, an eye for detail, an artistic inclination that comes through in her work, management skills, and strong communicative skills along with a professional promptness in meeting deadlines.

Her technical and creative skills are impeccable, but what is most impressive is her eagerness to take on any genre and quickly gain expertise on areas that she then uses to her advantage in her field of work, constantly improving and developing as a writer.

Always eager to help, with great team-building skills and a positive attitude, Elizabeth has been greatly valued by the whole team and has been a joy to work with.

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